About Us

Becker Pumps of Canada: Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Forming Technology Leaders with 130+ Years of Experience

Becker Pumps Corporation is the leader in vacuum pump and vacuum forming technologies.  Specifically, we are a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps, compressors, and regenerative blowers.  In addition to manufacturing, we provide sales, service, and replacement parts throughout the US, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

With over 130 years of experience, Becker Pumps of Canada has the expertise needed to meet your vacuum forming and pump needs.   Indeed, our vast knowledge of vacuum pump technologies allows us to service a wide variety of industries.  

For example, we have successfully served the following industries:

  • Aerospace: Lamination of aircraft wings
  • Aggregates: Conveying
  • Automotive & Tire: Handling of materials and components, vacuum forming and lifting
  • Food Processing: Vacuum packing or degassing, air drying sterilized food containers
  • Environmental: Toxin extraction from ground waste, conveying recycled materials
  • Healthcare: operating theater pumps and pumps for extracting anesthetic gas waste, air cushions for trauma and orthopedic patients
  • Inspection & Air Testing: Sampling air for clean rooms
  • Manufacturing: Air knives for blast air dust or moisture removal, precision holding for machining
  • Laboratories:  Filtration, fume cupboards, and/or centralized air
  • Newspapers and Magazine Production: Collating and conveying
  • Printing: Feed and delivery pumps,  paper converting from envelope manufacturing to magazine collating
  • Waste and Water Treatment: Aeration of waste particles, vacuum priming of delivery pipes
  • Vacuum Formation: Vacuum lifting, forming small plastic items, forming complicated plastic/resin components to complete a boat hull

Our US headquarters, warehouse, and main service center are located in Akron, Ohio.  Becker Pumps of Canada proudly continues to push forward as the leader in vacuum pump technologies.

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