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For Guaranteed Fit and Function, Use Genuine Repair and Replacement Parts from Becker Pumps of Canada

Protect your investment by using Becker Pumps of Canada’s Genuine Parts when you need to make a repair or replace a part.  They are the only vacuum repair and replacement parts specifically engineered and manufactured to fit your Becker compressors, blowers, and vacuum pump systems.  In addition, they are tested to ensure your Becker vacuum pumps, compressors, and blowers perform at their optimal levels. As an added bonus, Becker Genuine Parts help guarantee your warranty coverage.  

Becker Genuine Replacement Vacuum Pump Vanes

Don’t be tempted by counterfeit replacement pump vanes.  They will only cost you more money in the long run.. Since they are not engineered to meet the exact friction and heat demands of your Becker of Canada pump, they will chip and wear prematurely.  As a result, you’ll be replacing your vanes more often. In contrast, Genuine Becker Pumps of Canada replacement vacuum pump vanes have the proper binding resin to reduce the friction your Becker pump produces. They are sized to fit your Becker pump, too.  With the right fit and the right materials, Genuine Becker of Canada replacement vacuum pump vanes last longer.

Genuine Accessories from Becker Pumps of Canada Maximize Performance and User Experience

Like our replacement pump parts, Becker’s accessories are guaranteed to fit and meet the specific demands of your Becker pump system. They keep your system running smoothly, and enhance the user’s experience.

Becker Pumps of Canada Genuine Clear Inlet Filters

We’ve designed our line of clear inlet filters for vacuum applications with the user in mind. Their clear, polycarbonate bowl makes it easy for users to view of the filter’s condition. Connection sizes for these inline-flow filters range from 1″ NPT to 4″ NPT. Differential pressure ports are included.  Clean, regularly replaced filters means better, longer functioning of your Becker of Canada vacuum pump.

Becker Pumps of Canada Genuine Cyclonic Filter BRD-60

Downtime is lost time, so we’ve designed our Becker Cyclonic Filter BRD-60 to avoid clogged pumps. These filters prevent sawdust and particulates from clogging the vacuum relief valve on your Becker Model VTLF/VXLF vacuum pump. Since the stress clogs cause pumps can also result in premature vane wear or bearing failure, Becker’s Cyclonic Filter BRD-60  also serves as a cost-effective means to keep your vacuum from more costly repairs.

Becker of Canada Genuine Digital Vacuum and Pressure Gauges

Our pressure gauges make getting a quick, accurate reading possible.  Users find our large, 4-digit display in metric or imperial measurements easy to read.  Their automatic off feature means an extended battery life. More important, users know they can trust what they read.  Becker’s digital vacuum pressure gauges have ASME Grade 1A accuracy; ±1% F.S. and ABS housing.  

Becker Pumps of Canada Genuine Maintenance Kits

A solid maintenance routine will extend the life of our Becker of Canada pump and keep it running smoothly.  Our genuine maintenance kits ensure that employees have the right tools at their convenience. Easy access makes for easy compliance.  We can’t think of an easier, more cost-effective way to get the most out of your Becker Pumps of Canada pump, compressor, or blower.

Becker Pumps of Canada Genuine Sound Enclosures

Even though our pumps enjoy a reputation of quiet operation, some situations require even more sound insulation. In such circumstances, a Becker genuine sound enclosure is the answer.  Our enclosures reduce sound levels by up to 18 dBA. In addition, our enclosures ensure the proper air flow to protect your pump and motor.

Becker Pumps of Canada Genuine Grease

Oil-free vacuum pumps and compressors face high thermal stress. Moreover, when bearings overheat, you risk failures.   We’ve engineered Becker of Canada’s genuine Amblygon Grease to withstand the high temperatures generated by carbon vane pump bearings.. Lubricating your oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors using Becker’s genuine, factory recommended grease also protects against corrosion and means you need to grease less frequently.

Becker Pumps of Canada Genuine Vacuum Pump Oil Options

Our line of high-quality vacuum pump oils have a low vapor pressure and minimal additives, so they reduce the sludging that occurs with lower quality oils. Our vacuum pump oil options include our standard Becker Synthetic Oil, Becker Premium Synthetic Oil, and Food Grade Oil.  For systems that need sludge removal, we also offer Becker’s Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil. We stand by the quality of our oils so much that we’ll double your warranty if you purchase a 5-gallon pail of Becker Vacuum Pump Oil when you order a new Becker of Canada Oil-Flooded Pump.



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