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Becker Genuine Rotary Vane Pump Replacement Vanes | Vacuum Pump Vanes

Prevent Premature Vane Chipping | Maintain Maximum Vacuum and Pressure Levels while
Protecting Your Pump Warranty

Are you really saving money if you use cheap, counterfeit vanes in your Becker pump? Counterfeit vanes are not engineered specifically for the operating characteristics of a Becker pump while Becker Genuine Vanes are. Specifically manufactured to the precise specifications for the heat and friction that a Becker pump produces, Becker Genuine Vacuum Pump Vanes will not wear or chip prematurely. Our genuine vanes also posess the exact hardness and resin combination required to reduce friction and heat and in doing so increase the life of your Becker pump.

Becker Genuine Vanes are Designed to Outperform Counterfeit Vanes.

vacuum pump vanes Premature chipping causes loss of maximum vacuum or pressure.

Becker Genuine Vanes are created specifically to withstand the HEAT generated by a Becker pump.
Counterfeit vanes are not capable of dissipating this heat which results in premature wear and cupping.
Becker Genuine Vanes are engineered to withstand the FRICTION created by operation of a Becker pump.
Counterfeit vanes aren’t made with the proper binding resins that minimize the friction and heat of your pump.
Becker Genuine Vanes are precisely designed and SIZED to fit into an exact Becker pump.
Counterfeit vanes are not always properly fitted which cause them to not slide uniformly and actually increases heat levels.
Becker Genuine Vanes are engineered with the exact HARDNESS required to prevent chipping prematurely.
Counterfeit vanes are designd to be too hard which results in chipping and the loss of ultimate pressure.

When vacuum pump vanes chip prematurely what happens? Loss of the maximum vacuum or pressure the pump is able to produce. Vanes may not be broken, but the pump is still losing vacuum or pressure which causes your process to run much less efficiently which means a loss in product.

So you really aren’t saving money when buying cheap counterfeit vanes. Only when you buy Becker Genuine vanes, will you increase the life of your pump and save time and money in the long run.

Becker Genuine Vanes are the only vanes labeled with the Becker Genuine Parts holographic emblem:

vacuum pump vanes

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Becker Genuine Vacuum Pump VanesReplacement Vanes vs. Counterfeit Vanes

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