Aeration & Water Treatment

Water Treatment Pumps by Becker Pumps of Canada

water treatment pumps

Becker’s low-maintenance, long-life water treatment pumps function well under moist conditions. They offer environmentally friendly solutions at the same time.  Becker achieves these results by utilizing oil-less regenerative blowers and compressors.  As a result, the air blown is completely oil free.  They, therefore, can be used to maintain a “clear” relationship in municipal, industrial, and large chemical water treatment facilities.  Whether you need an individual blower or compressor, or a fully centralized system, our technically trained sales team can help. We can help you find the right solution for your unique needs.

Water Treatment Pumps for Pure Water, Clean Air, AND Good Soil Environment

Becker Pumps of Canada offers the following series to choose from:

Our Knowledgeable Staff is Here to Help You Select the Right Pumps for Your Facility

Not sure which vacuum pump(s) best suit your water treatment plant’s particular needs?  Simply contact us directly or your local Becker dealer for help.  Either will be able to answer your questions and help you make the best selection.

Aeration & Water Treatment

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