Central Vacuum Systems

Trim Expenses with a Central Vacuum System from Becker Pumps of Canada

Understandably, manufacturers need to cut operating expenses where they can.  Installing a central vacuum system in your manufacturing facility can help you do just that.  When compared to multiple pumps and pump locations, a centralized pump system reduces your costs in all of the following ways:

Streamlines Pump Maintenance

Streamlined pump maintenance saves time and money. A central vacuum system means personnel no longer have to perform routine checks maintenance on many pumps.  Instead, they only have one to maintain. Regular maintenance, in turn, becomes faster and more thorough. Since regular maintenance is the key to pump longevity, this streamlined process also decreases the chances of pump failure and the resulting costly repairs.

Permits Continuous, Uninterrupted Operation

With multiple pump systems, a pump failure usually results in downtime.  In such systems, operations stop until another pump can be brought in and connected. A centralized vacuum system, however, includes a reserve pump.  This backup pump comes on stream automatically in the event a primary pump fails to operate. This means operations can keep going while you repair the failure.

Improves Employee Work Environment

No matter how quiet or efficient pumps are, they still cause noise and heat.  Both of these factors can negatively impact the workplace environment when pumps are close to where employees work. Any water and oil needs for the pump are also removed from the immediate employee space, thereby eliminate spill and slip risks.  A central vacuum system, however, removes pumps from the immediate work area. Employees, as a result, enjoy a quieter, more comfortable workspace. In today’s competitive business environment, employee comfort and retention are important concerns.

Becker Pumps of Canada Offers Multiple Options of Central Vacuum Systems to Meet the Demands of Many Industries

Whether you’re looking for a centralized vacuum system for medical, woodworking, laboratory, or industrial applications, Becker has a system that will work with you.  We have the four following system choices.

1. Advantage-D Oil-less Central Vacuum Systems by Becker Pumps of Canada

Our Advantage-D systems are 100% oil-less, dry central vacuum systems.  Common applications include medical, surgical, and general industrial applications. These systems are ideal for those applications which require operating vacuum levels ranging from atmosphere to as high as 27” Hg.

Central vacuum systems

2. Advantage-L Oil-Flooded Central Vacuum Systems  by Becker Pumps of Canada

When your facility requires a compact design, our Advantage-L models are likely the answer. In most cases, these systems fit through a 36” doorway. Like our Advantage-D model, these systems work in both medical and industrial applicaitons.

3. Advantage-P Auto-Purge Laboratory Vacuum Systems by Becker Pumps of Canada

Our Advantage-P laboratory central vacuum systems have all the same features of our Advantage-L system.  They have an important addition, however. These systems include an auto-purge function. This function allows the pumps to purge any remaining gases when shutting down. As a result, the auto-purge function prevents corrosion and enhances safety.

4. Advantage-W Vacuum Systems for Woodworking and CNC Routers by Becker Pumps of Canada

Our engineers specifically designed our Advantage-W industrial central vacuum systems to meet the requirements of manufacturers that use vacuum hold-down for router tables in the woodworking and thermoforming industries.


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