Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Becker offers the only 3-year warranty in the industry on ALL of our systems

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Specifications

Industrial Vacuum Pumps


Hook and Claw Technology Central Vacuum Systems

The Advantage-C version offers Oil-less and Touch-less vacuum pumps with vacuum levels up to 28” Hg.


Dry Central Vacuum Systems

The Advantage-D version offers our superior dry running long life carbon vanes for low maintenance and no oil discharge.


Extended-Life Dry Central Vacuum Systems

The Advantage-X version offers an extended life dry vane pump with 20,000 hour vane life. These vanes are
exclusive to Becker pumps and insure low cost maintenance.


Lubricated Central Vacuum Systems

The Advantage-L version offers our oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps for deep draw vacuum up to 29.9” Hg.


Space Saver Vacuum Systems

The Advantage-S Space Saver Vacuum Systems offer a compact footprint for installations where space is limited. Included are models 100 through 300 in Simplex and Duplex configuration for all system types Becker offers.


Oil-Less Dry Vane Vacuum Systems

The Advantage-W version is specifically designed to create superior hold down force in the woodworking and plastic router market with vacuum levels to 27” Hg.

Advantage-W System Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Air Cooled – No Water
  • Compact
  • Convenient Service Points – Low Maintenance
  • Modular Design Makes Expandable Systems Available up to Sextuplex Configuration
  • PLC Controlled with Timed Alternation
  • Quiet
  • Remote Alarm Relays
  • Single Point Connections for Vacuum, Electrical & Discharge
  • Vibration Free
  • Touch Screen:
    • Alarm Log
    • Maintenance Reminders
    • Vacuum Level Bar Graph with Set Points
    • Pump Status Indicator
    • Remote Monitoring


Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best industrial vacuum systems to fulfill your requirements.

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