Industrial Vacuum Compressor

Get the most from your industrial vacuum compressor with consistent maintenance

Industrial Vacuum Compressor

Have you and your team been considering upgrading your facility’s central vacuum system?  Implementing a new industrial vacuum compressor can help you maintain a safer, more efficient and more profitable workspace.  However, you can only keep productivity going with consistent maintenance of machinery. See the list below for some tips for industrial vacuum compressor maintenance.

  • Make Visual Checks Both Before and After Each Compressor or Pump Use.  
    • If using an oil-flooded model, be sure to check for any oil leaks.
    • Be sure to have any applicable manuals accessible.  
  • If Using an Oil-Flooded Pump or Compressor, Change Oil Consistently.
    • Pump oil darkens in color as it degrades
    • At a minimum, change the oil every 3,000 hours of use.
    • Change any oil well before it becomes significantly dark.  
  • Check Both Drive Belts and Couplings Regularly.
    • Turn compressors off and lock them out before checking drive belts.  
    • Make sure couplings are free of any cracks.
    • Check drive belts for dust.
    • Make sure all belts are dry. 
  • Be Mindful of Both Bearing Function and Wear.
    • Watch for both excessive noise and overheating.

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