Introducing New Clear Filters for Router Hold‐down Pumps

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (May 2017) – Becker Pumps Corporation introduced a new clear filter design that allows maintenance personnel to assess whether a filter needs to be replaced without shutting down production.

The new, clear filters have been added to the list of Becker Genuine Parts. Using Becker Genuine Parts for maintenance and repairs is vital for maximizing performance and increasing the longevity of any Becker pump.

The clear filter housing is a simple concept which can result in big cost savings. Not only can the status of the filter be determined at a glance, it doesn’t require a shutdown of production or additional labor accessing filters. The added benefit is it’s clearly visible to everyone and draws attention to pumps running with dirty, clogged filters. Running pumps with impaired filters can reduce pump pressure, increase the pumps operating temperature, and reduce the life of the pump.
The filter housing is made of a clear polycarbonate that clearly shows if the element is dirty or clogged.

A summary of the benefits of the clear filters include:

  • Visual, in-line inspection.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of a clogged element which can cause overheating, pump failure, and loss of production.
  • No more interrupting the vacuum process to check the filter elements.
  • Less maintenance time required for routine inspections.
  • No more piping issues with horizontal configuration.
  • Easy to install into existing vacuum lines.
  • When the vacuum process is turned off, no filtered particulates can fall into the pump.

Becker offers seven sizes of inlets ranging from 1” to 4” with standard 2 micron paper elements as well as 5 micron polyester elements for wet applications.

For additional information please visit www. or contact: Jason Rathbun by email at [email protected], or by phone at 330-928-9966, Becker Pumps Corporation, 100 E. Ascot Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223-3768.

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