Introducing the new U 5 Series Vacuum Pumps

U 5 Series Vacuum Pumps

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (November, 2016) – Becker Pumps Corporation announced the launch of a new product line of U 5 series vacuum pumps, a Best in Class series, specifically engineered for the fresh food and primary packaging market.

The new U 5 series vacuum pumps were developed in Germany by Becker’s parent company, Gebr. Becker GmbH, to meet the needs of the packaging industry. Working closely with European packaging manufacturers, Becker developed pump features and performance enhancements to improve on the short comings of vacuum pumps currently available for the vacuum packaging of food. After a successful launch in the European packaging market, Becker is now introducing the new U 5 series to the U.S. market.

The features that set the new U 5 series apart are:

  • 7 compact model sizes from 70 up to 780 m³/h
  • Optional extended operating range
  • Fastest, shorter pump-down times in direct comparison
  • Compact dimensions for easy integration
  • Smooth surfaces for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Oil tank with dual stage oil separation
  • High efficiency oil separator element
  • Oil filter as a standard feature
  • High efficiency cooling
  • Ultimate pressure: 0.1 mbar abs.
  • Two gas ballast valves available:
  • 0.5 mbar abs. (standard)
  • <3 mbar abs. (optional)
  • Water vapor tolerance: 7 mbar at 85° C operating temperature (standard gas ballast)
  • Water vapor tolerance: 50 mbar at 85° C operating temperature (optional gas ballast)
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) versions available (suitable for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen) (U 5.70 – U 5.300)
  • IE 3 motors
  • Lower motor power compared to competitor’s models

Ideally suited for the vacuum packaging of food, the new U 5 series can be used across a wide range of applications from vacuum chamber machines, form-fill-seal machines and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Becker offers a full-range for both oil-flooded and oil-less vacuum pumps, compressors, regenerative blowers and systems used in almost every type of packaging environment from baggers, cappers and fillers to box erectors, cartoners, collaters, palletizers, robotic and tray packers.

“We are really excited about this new pump series,” commented Jason Rathbun, Managing Director of US operations, “in Europe, this pump has outperformed the competitor’s pumps across all packaging applications. This performance, combined with Becker’s Best in Class quality in construction and design, provides a great opportunity to help the food packaging manufacturers increase productivity and consistency in their operations.”

For additional information please visit or contact: Jason Rathbun by phone at 330-928-9966, Becker Pumps Corporation, 100 E. Ascot Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223-3768.

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