Medical/Surgical & Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

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Medical Vacuum Pumps by Becker Pumps of Canada

Medical vacuum pumps operate in unique circumstances.  Not only do they need to be incredibly reliable and efficient, but they need to be extremely user-friendly.  Becker Pumps of Canada answers both of these requirements in their vacuum pump and central vacuum system offerings.

Advantage-P Industrial and Medical Vacuum Pumps by Becker Pumps of Canada

Becker Pumps of Canada leads the vacuum pump industry in innovative designs. Our Advantage-P model uses our automatic purge systems.  We designed these systems specifically for laboratory applications. The purge system cleanses the pump of ingested gases and chemicals.  As a result, both the oil and the pump itself enjoy an extended life.

User-Friendly Features of Our Advantage-P Vacuum Pumps

We’ve built these systems with the end user and maintenance provider in mind.  Indeed, users report ease of use with the touch screen feature of these systems.  From the touchscreen, you can monitor the alarm log, see maintenance reminders, view the vacuum level bar graph with set points, and see the pump status.  In addition, the touchscreen on the Advantage-P allows for remote monitoring. Their impact on the work environment is minimal as well. They are compact, air-cooled, quiet, and vibration free.  Other convenient features include:

  • Modular – Expandable
  • PLC Controlled with Timed Alternation
  • Remote Alarm Relays
  • Single Point Connections for Vacuum, Electrical & Discharge
  • The only 3-year warranty in the industry!

Advantage-X Dry Vane Pumps for Longest Vane Life

At Becker Pumps of Canada, we understand that extensive maintenance costs time and money. Our exclusive dry vane pump vanes keep maintenance costs down with their incredibly long life! The Advantage-X version boasts a 20,000-hour vane life!   We’re so confident in the long life expectancy of these systems, that we back them with an exceptional warranty. Becker Pumps of Canada offers a 4-year total system warranty.   No other company in our industry offers such a confident warranty!

Advantage-D Dry Vacuum Systems for Your Industrial Vacuum Pump Needs

Becker Pumps of Canada’s Advantage-D systems are dry central vacuum systems for industrial needs.  These systems also keep maintenance costs low. Their carbon vanes also enjoy a long life and low maintenance requirements.  In addition, users enjoy how they do not produce oil discharge. As is the case with our other systems, we back our Advantage-D vacuum systems with the best warranty in the industry.   These systems come with a 3-year warranty.

Advantage-L  Industrial Lubricated Central Vacuum Systems

For deep draw vacuum up to 29.9” Hg, Our Advantage-L systems are the answer.  These systems feature our oil lubricated rotary vane pumps. Becke Pumps of Canada backs these systems as well.  They come with the only 3-year warranty in the industry!

Ask the experts what medical vacuum system is right for you.

At Becker Pumps of Canada, you don’t have to struggle to figure out the best vacuum pump system for your medical or industrial requirements.  Help is as easy as contacting the factory or your local Becker dealer. You’ll speak to a real, “live” person with knowledge about our vacuum pumps and systems.
Medical/Surgical & Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Specifications

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