Oilless Vacuum Pumps

Oilless Vacuum Pumps


Oilless vacuum pumps are compressor pumps that work without oil. These dry pumps are lighter and easier to move. They are also easy to maintain and rarely break down. The majority of our pumps are quiet, but many believe the oilless pumps are the quietest available. Finally, they are able to perform efficiently for long periods of time.

Oilless Vacuum Pumps Available from Becker Pumps

Our oilless vacuum pumps are completely dry and offer efficient production. We offer a 100% Oilless Combined Blast/Dual Vacuum Pump that delivers blast air and suction. It is designed for convenience and only requires minimal maintenance. The pump features regulating valves and filters on one side so they are easy to access, and have make it as easy as possible to check or change the vanes in the pump.

Other benefits of our 100% Oilless Combined Blast/Dual Vacuum Pumps include:

• Cool, quiet, and efficient operation
• Built-in large inlet filters that guarantee clean inlet air
• Long pump life
• Built-in aftercooler to minimize static electricity

Our 100% Oilless Combined Vacuum and Pressure Pumps feature direct-drive combined blast/dual vacuum action for people who want to avoid buying separating pumps for pressure and vacuuming within the same application.

These pumps require minimal maintenance, are quiet, and allow operators to change the flow and pressure independently without loss of performance. They also feature:

• Separate inlet filters for each port
• Standard vacuum and pressure regulators
• Long pump life

What are the Beneficial Features of Our Oilless Vacuum Pumps?

Why would you want to invest in an oilless vacuum pump from Becker? They are quiet and feature long vane life. They offer cool operation and direct drive with discharge silencers. All of our pumps have vacuum regulators included and require minimal maintenance. They also offer continuous duty rating.

If you would like to learn more about our oilless vacuum pumps or you are ready to discuss which type of oilless pump is right for you, contact Becker Pumps.

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