The SV Series | 2-Stage Regenerative Blowers

two stage regenerative blower options by Becker Pumps of Canada

The SV Series | Two Stage Regenerative Blower Options

Becker Pumps of Canada’s SV Series offers two stage regenerative blower options.  Like our single stage models, these units deliver high performance with little maintenance.  Their compact size and quiet, contact-less operation also make them the perfect fit for many different industrial, medical, and laboratory applications.

Many Options to Fit Many Applications

The two stage regen blower options in the SV Series span an impressive range of capabalities.  For instance, the SV 202/2 units all provide 64 CFM of open flow and offer maximum pressure options of 92 or 161 psig.  At the other end of this line, the SV 11o0/2 units feature 359 CFM of open flow.  Their maximum pressure options come in  72 or 165 psig options.  Finally, different horsepower options are also available in each line.  If you’d like to see a full comparison of all the offerings in the SV Series, please refer to the chart below.

Always Customizable

Most businesses grow and change over time, and our two stage regenerative blower options can adapt right along with you.  First, our engineers can work with you directly to create a pressure pump solution to meet your needs exactly.  Secondly, as your requirements develop and change, many of our two stage blowers can, too.  Indeed, you can easily convert many models into a one-stage operation if needed.  Third, if you need precise pressure control demands, we offer the VFD

Our 2-stage dry regenerative blowers have different hp motors to choose from making them able to handle a large range of capacities.  In addition, our Variair VFD models can meet your precise pressure control demands, and serveral of the models in our 2-stage regenerative blowers series are easily converted to 1-stage operation.

Our experts are here to help you match your requirements to the right 2-stage oil-less blower.

For our help in selecting the best industrial vacuum pumps to satisfy your requirements, please contact Becker Pumps Corporation now.

Model: SV 130/2

CFM: 50

Max. Pressure: 56

HP/kW 0.9/.68

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

No Index

Model: SV 201/2

CFM: 64

Max. Pressure: 92

HP/kW 1.7/1.3

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

No Index

Model: SV 300/2

CFM: 111

Max. Pressure: 113

HP/kW 3.6/2.7

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

No Index

Model: SV 400/2

CFM: 138

Max. Pressure: 141

HP/kW 4.8/3.6

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

Index A, No Index

Model: SV 500/2

CFM: 179

Max. Pressure: 137

HP/kW 6.4/4.8

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

No Index

Model: SV 700/2

CFM: 258

Max. Pressure: 109

HP/kW 8.9/6.6

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

No Index

Model: SV 1100/2

CFM: 359

Max. Pressure: 72

HP/kW 12.1/8.9

Data Sheet: view

Operating Manual: view

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