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We offer a selection of useful accessories that enhance your Becker experience, including gauges, filter/separators, conveying eductors, vacuum pump oil, and sound reducing enclosures.

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Clear Inlet Filters

Becker offers a line of clear inlet filters for vacuum applications. These inline-flow filters have a clear, polycarbonate bowl for easy viewing of the filter’s condition. Connection sizes range from 1″ NPT to 4″ NPT. Differential pressure pressure ports are included.


Digital Vacuum and Pressure Gauges

Four models: DVG30; 0-30 in.HgV DPG05; 0-5 PSIG DPG15; 0-15 PSIG DPG30; 0-30 PSIG.
Choose from 11 user-selectable metric or imperial pressure scales.
Vacuum Pump Oil
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Becker offers a line of high quality vacuum pump oils specifically selected to optimize the performance of your Becker vacuum pump. These oils have a low vapor pressure and minimal additives, which reduce the sludging that occurs with lower quality oils.
Sound Enclosures
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While Becker pumps have a reputation for quiet operation, there are times when even that is not enough. We offer engineered sound reducing enclosures that reduce sound levels by up to 18 dBA. Precise airflow is critical to a dry pump’s operation. You can’t just stick a pump in a box and expect it to survive for long. Becker has engineered each enclosure to ensure that proper airflow is maintained for all parts of the pump and motor.


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