Reintroducing the VTLF 2 Series Vacuum Pump

Advantage‐W System with two Becker VTLF 2 Series Vacuum Pumps with new Cyclonic Filter, BRD‐60, and Clear Filter technologies.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (May 2017) – Becker Pumps Corporation announces plans to introduce the VTLF 2 Series vacuum pump.

Over 25 years ago, the original Becker VTLF rotary vane vacuum pump was launched into the CNC router hold-down market and became the world’s most popular pump with well over 50,000 units currently operating worldwide! The VTLF was the only pump that worked well in applications where dirt and dust are present outperforming all other pumps on the market.

The VTLF 2 Series vacuum pumps run cooler and quieter than other dry vane pumps and have a deeper end vacuum level. This updated VTLF 2 Series features a clear filter cover that permits visual inspection of the filter without having to remove the cover. The inlet filter has been enlarged by 50% to reduce the need for filter changes. Cooler running, this pump extends vane life lowering downtime and maintenance costs. An inlet check valve is included to prevent backward vane rotation to eliminate premature vane wear.

The VTLF is also notorious for its exterior design that has a striking resemblance to the Starship Enterprise. The updated version that Becker will be introducing includes two new technologies: the BRD-60 cyclonic filter and the clear filter.

If higher capacities than a single pump are required, Becker offers their Advantage-W systems. These space saving, stacked systems are available in either duplex or triplex configurations. The Advantage-W offers the full holding force of all of the pumps running or the energy saving flexibility to limit the number of pumps used for a given project.

Becker Reduces Dust and Downtime in the pump with the BRD-60 cyclonic filter. Using this innovative cyclonic filter is a simple and cost effective way to prevent costly, premature vane wear or, worse yet, bearing failure.

The clear filter housing is made of a clear polycarbonate that shows if the element is dirty or clogged allowing maintenance staff a visual inspection without stopping production.

In addition to the two new filter technologies, Becker will introduce their Becker Genuine Replacement parts program for longer vane life and their new Loaner Pump Program.

For additional information please visit or contact: Jason Rathbun by email at [email protected], or by phone at 330-928-9966, Becker Pumps Corporation, 100 E. Ascot Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223-3768.

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