Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps are similar to other vane pumps, but feature unique benefits. Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps are positive-displacement pumps that feature sliding vanes placed in a rotor rotating within a cavity.

Rotary vane pumps never have internal metal-to-metal contact, so they are able to self-compensate for wear, maintaining peak performance for as long as possible.

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This rotary vane vacuum pump is dry running and an excellent choice for medium or variable vacuum range. They are a popular choice because maintenance is at a minimum.

What are the Benefits of Using Rotary Vane Oil-less Vacuum Pumps?

Becker rotary vane oil-less vacuum pumps feature a wide variety of benefits, including:

• 100% Oil-less operation
• Quiet, cool operation
• Environmentally Friendly
• Long vane life
• Inlet filters included
• Discharge silencers
• Direct drive
• Vacuum regulators included
• Minimal maintenance
• Continuous duty rated

How Do I Know a Vane Pump is Right for the Job?

Oil-less vacuum pumps feature many advantages, and finding the right rotary vane oil-less vacuum pump does not have to be a challenge. Becker pumps have a reputation for being exceptionally quiet and compact. They feature superior longevity and versatility.  Becker oil-less rotary vane pumps are ideal for medical and surgical applications, graphic arts, vacuum chucking, robotics and material handling, and packaging.

Our pumps are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point to a vacuum level of 27″ HgV and feature direct drive or flange mounted motors; optional frequency drives are available. Integral vacuum relief valve, vibration isolators, and a 10u inlet filter are standard.

To learn more or to discuss whether rotary vane oil-less vacuum pumps are right for you, contact Becker Pumps.


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