Vacuum Pumps for Maple Sugar Extraction

Extraction Vacuum Pumps for Maple Sugar Production by Becker Pumps of Canada

Those in the business of making maple sugar know that timing is everything.  With such a short window to extract sap from the maple trees, maple sugar producers must maximize that extraction process.  At the same time, all equipment must maintain the quality and food regulation standards of the industry. Becker Pumps of Canada has maple sap vacuum pumps for sale that meet all these requirements and more! 

Increase sap yield with vacuum pumps for maple sugar production

Becker Pumps of Canada can’t help you with the weather to increase your sap yield, but we can help you get the most of the extraction days you do have. Even your weeping flows will enjoy greater production. Our vacuum pumps are perfectly suited for maple sugar extraction. First, they exceed 29” mercury for the best vacuum possible. In addition, they receive a 100% use factor rating, so your operating time is maximized. And, of course, our extraction vacuum pumps function beautifully outdoors and require minimal maintenance.

Single Phase Pump Options Now Available!

We’re pleased to announce that your pump options for your maple sugar sap extraction just got even better! Now even the most remote locations can enjoy the benefits of adding a Becker Pumps of Canada pump to their process.  How? Our new single-phase pumps mean you can run our three-phase vacuum pumps using only single-phase power with our 230-volt single-phase variable frequency drive.  In addition, this new option is

Perfect for Remote Locations

It requires only single-phase power, so it works where 3 phase power is not available.

Ideal for Cold Weather

Slow ramp up starting (0-60 Hz) reduces inrush current and motor strain

Perfect for Production Cost Control

Replace many small pumps with one large pump. As a result, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Our extraction vacuum pumps meet all your needs

We designed our pumps for the maple sugar industry with their specific needs in mind.  In short, that means all of the following can be said about our extraction vacuum pumps:

  • Exceed 29” mercury, greatly increasing sap yield
  • Are rated for 100% use factor
  • Can be operated outdoors
  • Require minimal maintenance

Factors to consider when selecting a maple syrup vacuum pump for your sap extraction operation

Getting the right sized pump for your maple sugar sap extraction needs depends of several factors,  For instance, how many lines your operation runs impacts the motor strength needed. Likewise, the diameter and total distance of your tubing also can impact the vacuum pump specifications that will work best for your facility.  

At Becker Pumps of Canada, you don’t have to figure out the best vacuum pump for extracting sap on your own.

Maple Vacuum Pump Stand

Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.
Maple Sugar Extraction Pump Specifications



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