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Becker Pumps of Canada  Dry Vacuum Pump and Multi-Pump Solutions for Woodworking and Plastic Router Applications

If you’re looking for dry vacuum pumps or pumping system that is extremely reliable and can be customized to meet your specific woodworking and CNC applications, you’ve come to the right place.  Becker Pumps of Canada has many options, and OEMs enjoy working with our engineers during the design phase. This collaboration ensures we optimize your system for the most efficient use.

Our Advantage-W  Muli-Pump Systems are Built to Meet the Needs of the Router Industry

We’ve designed our Advantage-W multi-vacuum pump systems with spoil board applications, faster-cutting speeds, and shorter changeover times in mind. They operate incrementally in order to match your production demand. In other words, you only run the necessary pumps.  As a result, you save energy and reduce operating costs. In addition, each pump in the system includes its own built-in inlet filter, and each pump is connected to an integral manifold. This arrangement eliminates unsightly piping arrangements and minimizes losses due to piping leaks. Standard equipment always includes a central inlet filter for primary filtration, so your system is truly ready to go.  Finally, they can be configured in 4 Duplex and 2 Triplex models, and vertical arrangement will help you save space. These centralized vacuum systems also give you easy access to any part of the pump for easy maintenance.

Woodworking Vacuum Pump

Dry Vacuum Pumps for Woodworking Applications

For a high level of reliability, you can depend on Becker Pumps of Canada’s dry vacuum pumps. Indeed, they have become the standard in the industry with pumps ranging from 1 to 25 horsepower.  When you need more power, multi-pump oil-less vacuum systems offer up to 75 horsepower. We’ve made routine maintenance on these pumps extremely easy. You only a few tools to remove a few bolts, and you’ll be done with only an hour of labor.

Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps for greater hold-down force

Usually, our dry vacuum pumps successfully address both spoil board and point-to-point applications.  Sometimes, however, a point-to-point application needs a deeper vacuum to hold smaller pieces securely. In such cases, our oil-flooded pumps can rise to the occasion with their end vacuum of 29.9 inches Hg. for applications that require greater hold-down force.  With more experience in providing pumps for vacuum hold-down applications for CNC router tables than any other manufacturer in the industry, Becker Pumps of Canada stands above the competition.

Woodworking Vacuum Pumps Becker Pumps of Canada

With all of our vacuum pump systems, you’ll enjoy

  • Greater hold-down force.
  • Maximum horsepower efficiency.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy, fast service.
  • Unmatched reliability

Our service doesn’t stop with a sale.

Becker Pumps of Canada wants to be your partner in maintaining your vacuum pump and systems.  We don’t view a sale as the end of a transaction, but rather a beginning to a partnership designed to help your vacuum pump system operate at its optimal level.  That’s why when you call for service, you’ll enjoy

  • a “live” person answering your call
  • experienced technical support working with you
  • fast turnaround times
  • our vacuum pump repair service only uses Becker Genuine Replacement Parts
  • same-day shipping options

We understand breakdowns and downtime are costly in the router industry at Becker Pumps of Canada.

Thus, we build our dry vacuum pumps and oil-flooded pumps to reduce both.  We back our pumps with excellent service, too, and for these reasons, we’re considered the best vacuum pumps in the woodworking and CNC industries.  

Contact Us So We Can Design the Best Vacuum Pump System for Your Woodworking or CNC Needs

Figuring out the best design for your specific requirements begins by contacting our trained team members.  We provide two easy ways to get started: (1) Contact the factory or (2) Contact your local Becker dealer.  


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