Advantage-L Oil-Flooded Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Becker Pumps of Canada’s medical/industrial central vacuum systems are available in NFPA 99 compliant specifications for medical/surgical use.

Whether your central vacuum systems needs are industrial or medical in nature, we can help.  For those who require oil-flooded pumps, our Advantage-L systems are a good option.

Advantage-L Applications

For those central vacuum system applications that require higher vacuum levels, up to 29.83 in. Hg. (2.0 torr), Becker of Canada’s Advantage-L systems are an excellent option. These systems employ our U-series oil-flooded pumps.  Highly versatile, these systems work in some medical/surgical and laboratory settings,  as well as in material handling and other industrial process applications.

Size and Configurations

For practical convenience, Advantage-L models are compact.enough to fit through a 36″ doorway in most instances.  They are also highly customizable, in both configuration and capacity.  For instance, the Advantage-L models by Becker of Canada allow you customize all of the following:

  • Arrangements: Either tank mounted or modular/expandable options are possible.
  • Expandability: Up to six pumps can expand your set up.
  • Control Configuration: utomatic alternating and cascading controls equipped.
  • Capacities: From 18 to over 2600 CFM is possible depending upon your needs and facility.

Choosing the right central oil flooded vacuum system can be confusing.  Becker Pumps of Canada is here to help.

Put our decades of experience and expertly trained staff to work for you.  Contact the Becker of Canada factory direclty, so we can help you select the best system for your unique situation and requirements.  Or you can contact your local Becker dealer for help.  Either way, you’ll be getting qualified advice to help you find the right central vacuum system for your medical, surgical, or industrial facility.

Advantage-L Oil-Flooded Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems
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