Advantage-P Auto-Purge Laboratory Vacuum Systems

Laboratory Vacuum Pump Systems 

Becker of Canada offers a variation to our Advantage-L lubricated central vacuum pump systems. Our Advantage-P laboratory systems include an auto-purge function.  All other features are identical to our Advantage-L central medical/industrial vacuum systems. The auto-purge function, however, enables the pumps to purge any remaining gases when shutting down.  As a result, this function helps prevent corrosion and enhances safety.

How auto-purge works.

When a pump turns off, a timer starts, and at the same time, the main process line is isolated.  An auxiliary port then draws in fresh air (or an inert gas if you prefer) into the pump for a period of time. After a pre-determined timeframe,  the pump will stop operating. 

Let our experienced, trained staff help you find the right vacuum pump system for your laboratory and industrial needs.

Different facilities and operations require different systems.  At Becker Pumps of Canada, we want to help make sure you get exactly what you need.  As a result, we invite you to contact either the factory or your local Becker dealer to speak with a trained professional.

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