Advantage-W Woodworking/CNC Router Systems

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Excel with Woodworking and Thermoforming Manufacturing Applications

The Advantage-W systems by Becker Pumps of Canada offer great versatility for your industrial vacuum system needs.  This series of central vacuum systems easily meet the requirements for woodworking manufacturers who use vacuum hold-down for router tables. Similarly, our engineers designed these systems to readily work with manufacturers who use thermoforming, as well as CNC applications. They are not limited to these industries, however, as they are highly customizable.

Standard Features of Becker of Canada’s Advantage-W Series

All of the central vacuum systems in this line are 100% dry operation.  These oil-less systems also come equipped with a single inlet connection.

Can Be Customized to Meet Your Industry’s Unique Requirements

Our standard features are just a starting point, though.  Becker of Canada can configure your Advantage-W better fit your requirements.  We can vary the stems in the following ways:

  • Arrangements: Duplex and Triplex stacked arrangements available.
  • Inlet Filtration: For cleaner air and longer pump life, we can supply your system with up to three times the normal amount of inlet filtration.
  • Capacity: Capacity capabilities range from 130 to 1059 CFM.
  • Power:  Motors range from 7.5 hp to 72 hp.

Let Becker Pumps of Canada help you determine the right central vacuum system for your industry requirements.

Our trained staff is happy to help you select the Becker Pumps of Canada central vacuum system that meets your unique needs and requirements.  We offer expert help in two ways. First, you can contact the factory directly to discuss your project.  Second, if you prefer you can locate your local Becker of Canada dealer for help.  Either way, you can trust you’re getting knowledgeable help and superior service.

Woodworking & Plastic Router Industry Brochure

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Becker Pumps of Canada
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